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Illusive 3D Ceramic by Katharine Morling


Award-winning artist Katharine Morling creates these illusive 3D ceramics with a touch of the surreal.

 Morling creates these whimsical and often outlandish ceramics and adds black line in certain, making the objects look like illustration. As she says:

"My work can be described as 3 dimensional drawings, in the medium of ceramics. Each piece, on the surface, an inanimate object, has been given layers of emotion and embedded with stories, which are open for interpretation in the viewer’s mind. When put together, the pieces combine to make a tableau staging the still lives of everyday objects. The life size pieces and the unexpectedness of the scale create a slightly surreal experience as you walk through this strange environment. I work very instinctively, one piece leads to the next, I try not to pin down what I am doing or even why. I have to trust and believe that I can communicate through this medium. My searching is never complete; each piece is a journey for answers that are only hinted at, with more questions."

Update: Here is a video about Katharine Morling and her artworks.






( via IGNANT )

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